Germany's passionate supporters

After the fabulous experiences in England recently, where so many supporters have been helping our programmes, it’s time to highlight some equally wonderful people and events in Germany.

One extremely kind and dedicated couple are Christian and Sabine Riedmayer from Würzburg, who have made a real impact with their generous support over the last two years.

Not content to sponsor two individual bears, they have come up with wonderful, original ways to support all of our bears in China and Vietnam – for example by selling "Bear Bread", wine and sweets in their Kupsch supermarkets in Wurzburg and donating part of the proceeds to Animals Asia.

Christian and Sabine also put huge amounts of time and energy into keeping the media and their community informed about our work. We are hugely grateful and fortunate to have such dedicated friends supporting the bears.

Last November saw another exciting development, when Sabine teamed up with supporter Klaus Hoeborn and his band "The Blue Balls" to organise a great charity concert – an event that successfully raised several hundred euros on behalf of the bears and helped us reach a new audience at the same time.

Incredibly talented and well known far beyond Würzburg, Klaus shares our passion for animals and is enthusiastically committed to our moon bears. Now, to the delight of his fans, and all of us at Animals Asia, he has also recorded a new CD especially for the bears: "Coming Home". The album promises to be a treat for any fan of rockabilly, country and rock ’n’ roll, and in an extremely generous gesture of commitment, Klaus is dedicating all proceeds to our work.

You can hear samples of Klaus' music by visiting his website:

“Coming Home” costs €10 and can be ordered through our Munich office by emailing

The CD will also be on sale at Christian and Sabine’s Kupsch supermarket in Brettreich Straße, Würzburg, where they have set up a special Animals Asia promotional area for customers to listen to “Coming Home”, learn about our work, and find out how the proceeds will be used to benefit the bears.

A big thank you to our wonderful Würzburg trio. We are immensely grateful for your dedication and creativity, and look forward to a long future of collaboration. We are so proud to have you on our side – and on the side of the bears too!

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