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Growing for the bears

Our Australia Director Anne Lloyd-Jones has just written about a group of special needs children getting behind the bears, which has ultimately seen both animals and children benefiting from the project. The class is taught by Christine Wilkie, and also Robby Alcorn who is the partner of Animals Asia Ambassador Peter Northcote who, together with Robby and her class so generously sponsors one of our bears in Vietnam - Peter Robert Baynes.

Anne's news shows again how the plight of the bears touches communities across the world, in turn helping people and animals alike.

From Anne:
Lovely news in this week from a special needs class in the Sydney suburb of Lalor Park where one student was so moved by the plight of the bears that he decided to embark on his own fundraising mission and raise money by selling succulents (home grown plants).

Here's what James wrote:

"We love learning about Moon Bears and we have all been inspired by these beautiful creatures and by what you do for them. I was so inspired that one night when I was lying in bed I was thinking of ways that I could help as well. I suddenly had a great idea ..... I could sell succlents! I had a few at home and knew I could grow more!

Mum and my little sister, Elissa, jumped on board and we began to pot and plant my, "Succulents for Moon Bears." I created some special pots made from plastic cups. I drew designs on them with felt pens and with Mums help we melted them into unusual shapes. I also collected sea shells and pebbles to decorate around the plants.

To bring awareness about the Moon Bears and Animals Asia we made information tags about the bears and included a QR code to link people to your website. I placed one of these in each pot.

So far this year I have sold 105 succulents! It has been a great experience and I have learned so much from the bears. I want to thank them for teaching me about forgiveness and kindness.I have learnt how to forgive people and how to be kind."

So far James has raised more than $200 to help the bears and the exercise has had a profound effect on Class 2/6W from Lalor Park Public School who find the bears provide their own special type of animal therapy....even from thousands of miles away.

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