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Sepp has a dream for the bears....

Josef (Sepp) Haüsl is a talented, passionate and incredibly generous photographer who, together with his partner Monika, has visited our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam capturing the most stunning images of our bears.

Sepp uses both photography and art to create compelling images showing the misery of the bears as they suffer years of cage confinement on the farms, through to their wonder and awe of nature and friendship once they are free.

In his new video, Sepp focuses on China – highlighting the compelling devotion of our local staff who are fighting to free their country’s farmed bears from torture. The moon bears and brown bears featured in Sepp's work are China’s pride. His message is clear: The agony and exploitation of these bears for greed must end.

Sepp and Monika have just returned to Germany after visiting our sanctuaries once again in both China and Vietnam – and Sepp’s latest stunning pictures will now be featured in our 2014 calendar showing the beauty and forgiveness of rescued bears enjoying their spring. Here they are on the left with me, sculptor Suzie Marsh, Annemarie who heads up out vet and bear teams in Vietnam, and Suzie's husband, Doug.

Please click here for a few minutes of profoundly beautiful art and share far and wide to give our rescued bears – and those still suffering – their voice.

Last year, Sepp not only supported our German roadshow with an exhibition of his photos, but also created a beautiful photo book and a series of amazing images based on his photos of the Chengdu bears.

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