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Young artists show they care

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Jasmine reports that a fantastic exhibition of art against bear bile farming is displayed in the subway station (MTR) at Sheung Wan.

Every month the Hong Kong MTR hosts art pieces from the community and schools to be displayed as part of its "Community Art" programme.

Students aged 7-14 in schools and art studios all across Hong Kong were invited to participate in a competition that would see their art pieces displayed at the very popular and busy Sheung Wan MTR station in Hong Kong. The theme was "What do moon bears need to be happy and healthy?"

Students who participated were already aware of the plight of moon bears across Asia, and now it was their turn to show the public how moon bears should be kept; healthy, free and safe from torture. Only 12 pieces could be selected, so students had to get very creative to have their pieces stand out!

Every artwork that was submitted demonstrated just how well the children understood the bears needs. Children took the time to draw, sketch or paint what the bears needed in their environment, and their true habitat.

The 12 pieces that were selected were put on display through the month of April, and I personally watched as people stopped from their hectic commutes to take time and admire the art and the message behind what the children were demonstrating visually.

Congratualtions and big well done to, Elizabeth Lai, Ella Contreras, Avalina Linn, Enid Leung, Darius Yeung, Ho Ho Yan, Wan Long Yan, Kelly Ho, Masan Leung, Christie Chong, Michelle Liu and Montana Inarassia-Hancock.

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