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1,130 more doctors reject bear bile

A short but exciting blog following our China team's recent visit to a large and influential medical conference in Shanghai. 

The outcry against bear bile farming continues to grow - and we celebrate the support of medical professionals who emphasise that bear farming shames their profession and who appeal for the industry to end.

Sharon, our new "Healing without Harm" programme assistant, reports that around 3,000 professionals attended the 6th International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control (APSIC2013) and saw 1,130 of them promising not to sell or use bear bile. This is on top of the 1,000 signatures collected during another medical conference in China last year.

Many of those who signed our pledge will be helpful contacts in terms of collaboration and spreading the word that herbs and synthetic alternatives to bear bile are not only more acceptable, but more beneficial, considering the contaminants in the bile of such sick and diseased farmed bears.

Sharon, who joined us only recently, is pictured below with the Chairman of the organising committee. Dr Hu Bi Jie is extremely well known and has supported our work during similar conferences over the past three years.

Our grateful thanks to the increasing number of doctors joining the campaign and standing up to call for an end to bear bile farming China wide. 

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