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Welcome home Little Dragon

Celebrating both Chinese and Vietnamese New Year doesn't get better than welcoming in the new year with a brand new life. In this case, let us proudly introduce you to our beautiful new family member at our sanctuary in Tam Dao, Vietnam, with a lovely little message from vet nurse Caroline.

It's so terribly sad that another cub has been torn from his mum, and doubly sad in this case, as he saw his sibling die too. 

You're in safe hands now Little Dragon — welcome to the family.

Here’s the message from Caroline:
On Wednesday 11th January, Dr The and Tuan from the bear team set off to Son La (approximately 300kms from Hanoi) to rescue a bear cub estimated to weigh just twelve kgs. The bear cub had been confiscated by the Son La Forest Protection Department (FPD) from a man in Mai Son District, Son la Province, after a tip off that he had been keeping illegal wildlife. The FPD had initially confiscated 2 cubs from the man but one of the cubs was weak and died soon after confiscation.

A fine was issued by the government on 16/12/2011 of 50million Vietnamese dong [about US$2,375] and the order of transfer to VBRC was confirmed. All paperwork and agreements had been confirmed by 9/1/12 so the transfer could be organised. The team arrived back at the centre on Friday 13th, unlucky for some but for this little cub it was the day his new life started with Animals Asia. He seemed to take the trip in his stride, currently settling in to his new home. He has been given the nick name Tieu Long which means Little Dragon by our translator Thanh.
Caz :-)

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