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Postcards say it all

As we prepare for the start of a new year fighting bear bile farming in China, our team here has designed four fabulous postcards to help spread the message countrywide. The postcards feature stunning images donated by four talented and passionate artists who have used their creativity to speak from the hearts of the bears.

This first beautiful Christmas image comes from our friend and amazing artist Richard Symonds in the UK who kindly designed our Christmas cards this year.

Famous Chinese artist Zeng Jianyong who recently held a much publicised event of his work in Hong Kong and created this breathtaking, vulnerable image of a bear cub in a cage.

Another friend of the bears, Song Weiwei, designed this confronting image, which graphically shows the horror of the bile trade, while conveying the message that bears and humans share much in common.

And last, but not least, illustrator Han Lili created this adorable image of brain-damaged Rupert and tiny Franzi who lived happily together for many years at our China sanctuary, before sadly passing away within six months of each other in 2009/10

Our grateful thanks to you all for the poignant and compelling voice you have given to the tortured bears in China - may they all know freedom soon. 

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