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Ali McGraw's new Love Story

Sometimes it's hard to comprehend how lucky we are to see so many remarkable and truly sincere celebrities intelligently and passionately helping us to Stop the Eviction.

One such woman is Ali MacGraw, who with Ryan O'Neal starred in the 1970s film, “Love Story”, which is considered to be the most romantic film of all time.

“Love Story” was apparently super popular in Saigon, Vietnam too (with the immortal words "Love means never having to say you're sorry" passing in to common Vietnam usage today!) and so it was no surprise to see the media flooding around Ali as she walked around our sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park, Hanoi, and said a warm hello to the bears and staff.

It's true to say that to a man, woman and bear, we all fell in love with this extraordinary woman. Yes she was using her international celebrity to help reverse a decision to evict us from site but, most importantly, she was using her compassion and intelligence too and spent hours with the media asking that the Prime Minister search his heart and allow us to stay.

What could we possibly give such an icon, a genuinely warm and sincere bear ambassador, to express our love and thanks for an exhaustive schedule that saw gruelling flights from the US and just a quick couple of nights in Vietnam with back to back interviews and filming?

Really there was only one "gift" and not surprisingly, Ali was thrilled to be named the new "mum" of one of our rescued bears, previously nicknamed Horatio, and now with the very grand name of Milagro Horatio given by Ali herself.

The film of Ali and her visit is now up on our website and doing the rounds everywhere on the social networks, hopefully working its magic and convincing the head of this beautiful country of Vietnam to do the right thing.

Please click here to see the video and the read all about the visit and Ali who, more than once, did indeed (albeit a little tongue in cheek) mutter those immortal lines "Love means never having to say you're sorry", while those of us lucky enough to meet this extraordinary woman could only feel sorry to see her go.

Until the next time dear Ali, our love and endless thanks from a little place of peace and a community determined to fight the eviction and stay.

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