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Thank you from Team Vietnam


Thank you all - every group and individual who has written to the authorities in Vietnam in this unprecedented show of support.

We have been inundated with letters and messages flooding into our in-boxes each day. To date, over 130 groups from across the world have signed on to our appeal letter to the Prime Minister, and 11 ambassadors in Vietnam representing the embassies of the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, and the European Delegation, have signed a letter to the Vietnamese Prime Minister appealing to him to stop the eviction.

Please, please keep it coming - we are in this fight to win and keep our bears safe and happy at our sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park. The very thought of moving them elsewhere, putting bears like Bubu - pictured here as he was on the farm and now at our rescue centre - back into cages as a new sanctuary is developed (with all that entails) is just impossible to contemplate.

And so too is the thought of saying goodbye to so many of our loyal, hard working staff who would not be able to move away from their homes.

For justice, for compassion, and with endless thanks from us all.


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