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Snowdon Challenge 2012






Just recently, we heard from Gill and Fiona in our UK office, together with Linda of our Southampton Support group, that this year's trek up Mount Snowdon was once again hugely challenging, but hugely spectacular in results for the bears, dogs and cats of Asia. 

In a combination of summaries from all three, the Snowdon Trek turned out to be a super challenge for our 12 wonderful UK supporters and with dry weather along the way, they were hopeful of a splendid view from the top. Once again, the team was professionally led up the mountain by former Royal Marine Pen Farthing and the AdventureFitness company which generously give their support for free. This year our trekkers were joined by supporters of Nowzad, a charity started by Pen to help dogs and cats in Afghanistan. 

Mount Snowdon is always a challenge in itself but for fireman David Bowen of our fabulous Southampton Group (whose wife was the first person to do a skydive for Animals Asia, and whose dog Alfie won the Animals Asia recent photography competition), this was a feat where he wanted MORE. 

Following months of training, and not content with reaching the summit carrying his sandwiches and water like the rest of the team, he decided, in tribute to farmed bear Oliver’s 30 years of confinement, to carry a cage and bear weighing 30lbs to the summit and back. 



With over eight hours of climbing the rock face, this was a phenomenal achievement, and a huge tribute to an amazing man who has raised hundreds of pounds for Animals Asia and Nowzad as well as raising vital public awareness in this truly mammoth effort. One lady was so impressed to see David and the cage on the mountain and after learning from him all about Animals Asia, called the office later to make a donation. 

For once the weather was good and Snowdon bathed in sunshine, all the way to the top. Of course, it was a different story by the time our trekkers reached the summit, which was freezing cold, misty and damp. So despite the lack of rain, there was no break with tradition and everyone still got wet. But humans and dogs alike all made it up and down safely.

Despite rumours that UK Director Gill Maltby and her new baby Adam would be joining our Snowdon climbers at the summit, Gill sensibly declined the invitation. Though she and Adam were there on Saturday 1 September to greet our dedicated climbers and to welcome them back.

Everyone agreed it was a fantastic day, ending in a fun and relaxing way with Pen’s special pub quiz. And perhaps next year, baby Adam will be joining our fantastic climbers at Snowdon’s summit! 

Endless thanks and big bear hugs to David, Emily and David, Linda, Mia-louise, Maren, Daisy, Elaine, Rachel, Helen, Sue and Carole. Please enjoy the photos, celebrating yet another mammoth climb by team and supporters UK! 









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