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More on Mutzi's little bird friend

We saw quite some interest about the little bird "nesting" in Mutzi's fur recently (see my blog of August 25th). One of our ex Bear Managers and keen birder, Falk, kindly wrote with his view on why Mutzi was so attractive to this member of the avian species at our centre in Chengdu.

It is not unusual for adult birds to use animal hair for nest building, as you know. What is interesting here is that the bird is a juvenile Tree sparrow. This bird is definitely not intending to build any nests any time soon but indeed just enjoying a nice place to rest. It's certainly one of the safer places as long as it stays away from the bear's teeth and paws. Maybe it was raised in a nest made of bear fur, and just daydreams a bit?! Who knows...

So with thanks to Falk, perhaps the most simple explanation is the right one too.

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