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Hey, what about the cats?!

With so many dog stories abounding just recently on the blog - here's one for us cat lovers too! Yes, those arrogant, snooty felines who rule our lives with one disdainful look if we are just three milliseconds late with the food bowl.

We seem to have been inundated on site in Chengdu with little kittens to feed. Three more tiny souls arrived recently at just a couple of weeks of age, but screaming at the top of their lungs and demanding attention and food. Huge tribute to our security guards at the bear sanctuary who gently scoop up these cats (and dogs) when they find them outside - sick and hungry animals possibly sensing that help is close by if they can just crawl into our perimeter gates. And of course how can we turn them away?

Once again our team of dedicated nurses, and volunteers (currently Diana and Annie) feeding, cleaning and giving these mites some much-needed tender loving care. With tummies now full and tight as drums after guzzling what must be at least 10 gallons of simulated cats' milk each, these are the lucky ones - gaining health and strength and hopefully a new home soon.

Here, our Bear Manager, Donata, feeds one of the lucky kittens:


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