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Wen Yan and her children who purr


Our staff across the world are simply second to none. Their work becomes their life and every one becomes a front line ambassador to give a voice to the animals who so desperately need us.

Wen Yan, our Veterinary Support Manager in Chengdu is leaving us for a little while very soon, to have her baby. In China, as in other countries across the world, there is much confusion about whether pregnant women should even be in the same house as cats – let alone have them close by.

Wen Yan is a purrfect (sorry couldn't resist that) example of a caring mum to be who has done all the research and knows that proper care of our four-legged friends, and proper cleanliness of their bowls and litter trays, is all that is needed for a harmonious existence during pregnancy and when the baby is born.

Here to show off her love and practical intelligence is our gorgeous Wen Yan with her beloved “daughters” Pijiu and Peijiu at our bear rescue centre, and her black and white puss, Pidan, lying on Wen Yan's (soon to be) new family member at home.

Our love and best wishes to Wen Yan and husband Super, for the safe and happy arrival of their new baby – undoubtedly another ambassador for the animals of China.


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