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An adventure of love, helping the bears


At a public event in Shanghai for the animated blockbuster “Ice Age 4”, the theme throughout the event was "Love and Adventure".

Chinese celebrity superstar, Sun Li, was the guest of honour and, of course, as she has been to our bear rescue centre in Chengdu many times, spoke about her love and adventure in helping China's endangered moon bears.

Sun Li said:

“I was a little afraid because I didn't know how to communicate with the bears at the beginning. Then the staff told me that I should open my heart with love. I want to share my view with all of you that the earth belongs to every living being – and we should share the love with each other, and give our love to the bears”.

Sun Li also asked the public to join her on this adventure – and so the ripple of publicity calling for the end of bear farming goes on.

As an old friend of Sun Li, Lucky, our China PR and Education Manager was also invited to the event and told the audience that Animals Asia staff were on an adventure of their own each and every day, because there are always new challenges. Lucky said: “It brings us confidence and satisfaction when we see the bears starting their new life, instead of suffering so much pain.”

She also praised the growing mass of people supporting an end to bear farming, and said a huge thank you to Sun LI as a perfect example of a celebrity with such a strong social responsibility.

When I see such touching events like this I wonder how the bear farmers feel, knowing, as we know too, how much their bears are suffering behind closed doors. One day, as a result of people in China continuing to take such a strong stand against this truly horrible industry, the farms will be empty at last.





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