Dieter going all out for the bears

Dieter Häckl, a long-time supporter of Animals Asia will soon be joining over 3,000 triathletes and 600 relay teams to take on the world's largest triathlon, "Challenge Roth" in the town of Roth, Germany. This includes a multitude of challenges - swimming 3.8km in the Main-Donau-Kanal, cycling 180km, and finally running a marathon of 42.2km. Add the heat of the summer temperature in Roth, and you have some idea of the true task that Dieter is taking on.


Dieter has been preparing intensively for this competition for many months in his free time, with the aim of raising €3,000 for Animals Asia and the 14 moon bears recently rescued in Vietnam, and now recovering from their traumatic time on a bile farm at our Tam Dao sanctuary.

Dieter is incredibly generous with his time and has long been a champion of the bears, promoting their cause at festivals in the town of Babenhausen,

Heartfelt thanks to you Dieter, from us all for this and everything you do for the bears. I can't imagine taking anything like this on, and you have our endless respect and good wishes. Big bear hugs from us all.

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