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Animals Asia's first charity shop

For the first time, Animals Asia now has a "Charity Emporium" which, as our UK Director Gill Maltby explains, is unlike any charity shop she has ever seen. Thanks to super supporter Denise Jacobs, who has been instrumental in getting the shop off the ground, it has opened to enormous fanfare in Western-Super-Mare.

I can only leave the rest of the blog to Gill to summarise the passion and tireless work that has gone into bringing this shop from dream to reality, with a massive bear-sized thank you to Denise and everyone listed below from the animals in Asia who will benefit so much from their kindness and generosity of heart.

Over to Gill:

All the people involved – as you can tell from the photos - are absolutely amazing and inspirational. They have all been working around the clock to get the shop ready for trading on Monday 23rd. We have great hopes for the shop in both raising awareness and vital funds for Animals Asia - and we are very proud of them all!

A massive thank you firstly to Denise Jacobs who has been instrumental in getting the shop off the ground, pulling together and coordinating a phenomenal team of volunteers who have created the shop. Denise has been wholly supported by her wonderful husband, Peter.

The team includes:

Adrian (Aaps) who did all the interior shop-fitting.

Brian (Gay) who did all the superb external and interior sign-writing.

Lisa who has been running around collecting mannequins and donated goods.

And a whole host of volunteers who have been painting and cleaning including: Rita, Lydia, Sylvia, Colin, Steve, David, Anthony and Ginny.

Thanks also must go to Tracey (Stokes) from the textile department at Weston College, who printed the beautiful Animals Asia curtains for free and Mike from the local Millets store, who kindly donated sizing cubes, hangers, rails, busts and a steamer for the shop.

It was also great to have the support of local John Penrose MP – who kindly came and cut the ribbon with Denise and Moonie.

And of course our wonderful and long-standing supporter and Moon Bear Rescue support group head, Lee Gibbins, who was absolutely crucial in the shop going ahead and has been a key person in its development. Lee (on the right) is with Lara from our UK office.

We also have our beautiful shop dog Max to thank too!

Thank you again everyone – what a fabulous and positive addition to the Animals Asia family in the UK – and long may our new emporium be a success!

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