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Jeannette's pilgrimage for the bears

Many of you may remember that I recently posted a blog about Jeannette Jaussi from Switzerland and her visit to our bear sanctuary in Vietnam. Jeannette is part of VZUT, an amazing support group of Swiss friends in the beautiful city of Bern, who dedicate their lives to helping the bears. They have flea markets, Klausen Sacklies, and even make delicious homemade cakes that are personally delivered by Santa Claus at Christmas!

With Jeannette's latest adventure, she has really gone the extra mile. After she met Tuan, our Vietnam Director, and the rescued bears at our Tam Dao sanctuary, she made a promise that she would return to Switzerland and do the Swiss part of the "Il Camino" (St Jacobs Path).

True to her word, on 1st April, Jeannette began this very personal challenge - walking Il Camino - accompanied only by her dog. As of 16 April, she had walked exactly half way in a gruelling 240km slog that began with clear skies and sunshine, and on to freezing cold snow. At this point, it has been raining for days and poor waterlogged Jeannette needs all the help and encouragement we can offer as she walks relentlessly on for the bears.

Please visit Jeannette's Facebook page and show her how much we love her and appreciate her poor sore feet and blisters, and wish her all strength and motivation for the final part of her incredible journey.

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