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Chinese artist's beautiful bear film

Yuan Baolong, an incredible artist in China has created this breathtakingly beautiful story - adding his voice to the millions now calling for bear bile farming to end.

It is now featured on Youku.com, the Chinese version of YouTube and it is spreading fast.

One small, but very passionate, example of the public outrage against this mutilation of the bears.

See "Black Bear" here. 

Yuan Baolong writes ......

My childhood knowledge of bears came from stories that elder people often told me
..... that silly, silly bear harvesting the corn in the field (see the corn at lower left corner)
When I became older
I saw real bear performances in circus and zoos
Out of their silly, silly image, I saw their wisdom and humanity (see bear riding a bike)
When I became even older, the reality taught me......
People keep bears (see the RMB money signs become the cages)
They are bearing the unimaginable abusing because of our desire
They have been confined in small cages when they were still young
To be extracted of bile when a bit older
Just to make some senseless tonics

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