Lunar New Year app 'explodes' in China

Look at this amazing iphone app that's doing the rounds in China right now! With free support from a very kind advertising agency, our bears are inspiring the Chinese public to help make the Chinese New Year of the Dragon a lucky one for the bears.

Here's a quick translation of the Chinese:

While the New Year is coming, Animals Asia wants to send you our best wishes: Happy New Year and Good Fortune!

Thank you all for your kind support of Animals Asia and our programme to Ending Bear Farming.

With your kindness and encouragement, we can achievement so much today.
We hope you’ll pass on your respect and love for the bears to more people.

Please visit our website for more info.

Michelle and Star in Chengdu have worked so hard to make this happen - but their efforts have been all worthwhile, with the app reaching around 1 million people in the first 24 hours!

We loved the image so much that we used it in our own Lunar New Year card.

With the bears featured in our Chinese New Year card, how can we forget the dogs and cats? This beautifully designed greeting from Todd, our Cat and Dog Welfare volunteer who has helped us with two major "meat" market investigations in the last year, quite rightly celebrates the lives and love of our very best friends!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon everyone!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Xin Nian Kua Le!
and Chuc Mung Nam Moi! - Happy New Year of the Dragon from Vietnam.

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