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Orange marmalade pancakes anyone?

Some of the notes in the weekly reports from China and Vietnam bear sanctuaries have me in stitches. This week in China they tried some new enrichment food in the form of yummy orange pancakes — and here was one of the results from House 2 as described by Bear Manager Sally:

"One third of cabbage is being left in the enclosure and a small amount of other veggies. The orange marmalade pancakes received a mixed response. Poppy loved hers, Woody completely rejected hers, Roberta spent 15 minutes investigating hers before eating it, and Delaney ripped his into pieces and rubbed his face in it. They all liked the chestnuts."

Here's a couple of pics of Delaney — not rubbing his face in anything — but just enjoying his veg and looking too darned handsome for words.


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