Cats and dogs seen as friends, not food

Following on from my last blog, we now have the results of a poll on dog and cat eating that we ran on our World Animal Day China-wide photo contest website (Tencent microblog). While we're guessing that most of the respondents are cat and dog lovers, it's heartening to see a shift in attitudes, particularly among those who had previously eaten dog and cat meat.

The tide continues to turn in China giving ever more confidence that our work and programmes supporting the amazing welfare groups across the country are seeing progress for our very best friends.

1. Is it harmful to your health to eat cat and dog meat?

Yes. 693 (78.66%)
No. 41 (4.65%)
Not always. 147 (16.69%)

2. Is eating cat and dog meat different from eating pork, beef and mutton?
It is difficult to breed cats and dogs en mass for meat. 124 (11.12%)
It might be not safe to eat cats and dogs. 236 (21.17%)
Cats and dogs are our friends, not food. 715 (64.13%)
No different. 40 (3.59%)

3. Have you ever eaten cat and dog meat?

Yes, and I will continue to eat it. 39 (4.43%)
Yes, but I will not eat it in future. 176 (20%)
No, and I will not eat it in the future. 651 (73.98%)
No, but I will try it. 14 (1.59%)

4. Which method should we take to protect cats and dogs?

Establish laws against abuse of animals. 694 (41.46%)
Establish laws to ban eating cats and dogs. 477 (28.49%)
Strengthen punishment for stealing cats and dogs. 444 (26.52%)
Cats and dogs are not in need of any special protection. 59 (3.5%)

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