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Only mad dogs and Englishmen

Turning the blog over to our UK Director Gill Maltby today, with masses and masses of congratulations for the most amazing feat that she and the team achieved the other weekend in a gruelling - and very wet - mountain trek to the summit of Snowdon.

Joined by some intrepid dog heroes too, it can be safely said that the entire team are barking mad, but absolutely second to none in their passion and resolve.

Big warm hugs to you all, amazing crazy people - and I have to just say doesn't Tremor look gorgeous sopping, soaking wet and distinctly unamused!
Now over to Gill:

The day finally arrived when Animals Asia UK was heading for the hills once again to raise much-needed funds for the bears, dogs, cats and other animals in Asia, this time we were in Wales.

Wales is renowned for its beauty, but it’s mountains can also be formidable when the weather turns, and true to form, Wales was going to put a spanner in our works and make us work especially hard for our pennies this year.

Just stepping out of our vehicles at the start of our walk got us completely drenched – Wales and in particular Snowdon was throwing everything she had at us. Nothing was going to deter us though, and with the fantastic support, as ever, of the Pen and the guys of AdventureFitness Company, 15 intrepid Animals Asia trekkers, including our beloved four-legged Tremor, made their way to the summit of Snowdon.


The UK supporters are a hardy lot and even when every item of clothing was completely sodden, we had been pelted by strong winds and horizontal rain and had navigated spontaneous waterfalls during our descent everyone was still smiling – I even heard some comments that "it was good to have the extra challenge of the weather". What a bunch of nutters! However, I am so incredibly grateful and proud that they are our "bunch of nutters". 

Once home and dry, we all met up for a few drinks and laughs with our quiz, thanks to quiz master Pen.

Massive thanks to Judy and Tremor, Sue, Linda, Thelma, David, Kayleigh, Rob, Deborah, Emma, Maren and Coco, Cathy, Andy, Graham, Chris, Julia, Christine, Richard, Ian, Kat, Gary, Martin, Mike and Pen.

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