Market dog To Zhai finds life is not so bad

Thanks to those of you asking how rescued meat-market dog To Zhai is doing today. I’m so very pleased to tell you that the answer is......... brilliant! A gorgeous lady much adored by all staff on site in Chengdu, and now "fostered" officially between vet Monica and I who share her in turn.

Here she is enjoying one of her many walks throughout the day, with hugs along the way from staff like Rocky, pictured with her here. 

Note the somewhat surprised look of Tibetan brown bears, Benji and Poupouce, when they came across this rather strange little black bear in their midst.

Pictured here with vet Monica, To Zhai is now firm friends with other rescued dogs, Starving Marvin (far left with volunteer Jayne), Moonie (with Nic) and Richter (with Rocky).

Lovely Jayne also took this great clip of Staving Marvin chasing To Zhai around and around and around .... 

Watch it here.

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