Aloha from Rainbow

Many of you will remember our amazing staff member, Rainbow, who left us exactly a year ago to pursue an MBA course in Hawaii and now has one more year to go. I asked if he'd mind sending an update as we've had several people enquiring how he is and wondering if he's enjoying his journey........

Not surprisingly to anyone who knows Rainbow, he's loving every second and throwing himself into the course and into animal-welfare programmes there in the USA. We miss you heaps Rainbow but, of course, are so proud of all that you're achieving, and wish you and Hong Chuan all the happiness and success in the world in your final year.

Now over to Rainbow:

Aloha everyone,

It's been a full year now since I left China. Time really flies. I've done over half of my MBA program. With God's blessing and lots of efforts, I am able to get a straight A so far. It's challenging, rewarding and fun. This trip is more than a schooling. Chuan (my dear wife and best friend) and I really enjoy the diversity and freedom in the culture over here. 

We have been volunteering for a local nonprofit for rescuing Hawaiian monk seals - a species with population much less than our Giant Panda. We help them count seals on the beach as well as fundraising. Surprisingly, a volunteer of this small nonprofit in this small island in the middle of nowhere even knows about our China Bear Rescue. What a small world! 

I recently attended an advisory board meeting of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program of my business school as a Chinese student representative. I happened to meet Ted Liu, the former Director of the Hawaii State Department of Business. He said he saw me on TV when he was traveling in China earlier this year. It was about our bear rescue from north China. The world is really so small!

I brought my Ping Pang racket with me but unfortunately I can hardly find people to play with. I really miss the days I played Ping Pang and basketball with many of you in Longqiao. Without much exercise, I've gained quite a bit weight - Chuan's fast improving cooking skills surely play a part too. Now I am trying to control my weight through local sports: surfing and diving. I eventually ride my first wave last weekend after staying in the salty water for 2 hours.

In Hawaii, Caucasian are the minority and Asian & Polynesian are everywhere. So most of the time I feel I am still somewhere in southern China or maybe in Singapore.

Hawaii is famous for rainbows. You see them very often. On the street you see Rainbow Bookstore, Rainbow Supermarket, Rainbow Cafe, Rainbow Dental... In a sense, I do feel really at home. Hahaha...

Lastly, I'd like to share with you my favorite picture below. We were watching Humpbacks from the distance. Every year they migrate 3,500 miles from Alaska to Hawaii waters for mating, birthing and nursery. Facing the greatest ocean, I often reflect one of my favorite Bible verses in Genesis 1: "Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." This is command from our Maker. But unfortunately, we are not all good rulers. I am so proud to be with you all to reverse this poor management.

Missing you all and our four leg family at CBRC - thank you a million for taking great care of them while we are away.

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