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Tremor the Terrible

I miss that little dog so much — but love that he’s loved so much by Judy and family in the UK. Judy sent me a hilarious update about our little princeling, Tremor, who has been on a merry-go-round of happiness since starting his new life abroad. Tremor was rescued from a trembling mountain in the middle of an aftershock that followed the devastating Sichuan earthquake of May 2008.

Enjoy Judy’s update and pics as much as I did — and celebrate Trem’s new and very spoiled days. And please don't worry about the second sentence. I think the rats are quite safe.......

Dear Jill
Tonight we have an open fire so Trem is lounging in front of it drinking in the heat — and we thought you would like to have an update on his life in the fast lane. He has discovered hunting! Rats have started to wander around the pond trying to hoover up the duck food and Tremor has noticed this. I feel he may be working himself up into a frenzy of some sort. He whines a little and moves fairly quickly in his quest to find himself a rat. I am not sure what he is going to do with one when (well I suppose “if” is more likely) he catches it.

So in our recent spell of warm sunny weather he has spent a rather large amount of time sitting by the pond ….. watching. Sometimes he gets up and peers closely into the long grass. Sometimes he gazes into the distance ….. thinking. Sometimes he just sits. Sometimes he walks across the planks and looks under the bush on the other side of the pond. The day can fill up quite quickly. 

Hunting is only his part-time job, because he does have to go to work with me and he has also had to appear at our branch surgery’s recent dog show. We had some sponsorship from Royal Canin for the rosettes for prize-winners, and as you can see from the photos, he HAD to have one. He was the celebrity guest. As you can imagine, this was an onerous task. He had to greet the contestants and check out whether he thought they passed his test. Fortunately he could stay off his lead (we all know how he turns into a monster when he is on the lead).

He watched from the sidelines (well the barbeque area) when I was in the show-ring supervising the class and helping the judge. But his favourite part came when we were clearing up and he was allowed to lick the tarmac under the barbeque and make sure that the fat was completely removed. Then came the bonus — there was a sausage left and the girls INSISTED he was given it to reward his lovely behaviour. RESULT!

So I think you can tell his life is just one long hectic round of rat hunting, celebrity appearances and licking tarmac — which he copes with admirably. I do hope your life is just as fulfilling, and so much love to you from both of us. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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