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Going the extra mile

Following the announcement of our new Ambassador in Switzerland, Katharina Buttiker, I thought it was high time I started featuring our other ambassadors and representatives across the world. And here, very proudly, now announcing one of our Hong Kong board members (and ex-Hong Kong rugby star!) Joe Hancock, who — along with his new wife Angela — surpassed himself recently by running a marathon of over 40 staggering kilometres! Joe and Angela have been longtime supporters of Animals Asia and generous benefactors to the bears. They even sponsor their own bear, Angus, in Vietnam.

I asked Joe to send over pictures of himself and Angela and gorgeous daughter Monty, plus the newspaper cutting about the marathon, so that we could show off a little about one of those on our Board who “run that extra mile” for the bears. See the article here. I intend profiling others in the next few months too.

Well run Joe and Ange — and a big Angus-sized hug and thank you from all in the team. 

And..................HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TODAY JOE!!!!!

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