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Meet Bradley the mischief-maker

With bulging eyes homing in on his quarry, and wobbly legs tottering over in pursuit, this scrap of a bear finally grasped the trophy in his tiny claws and bit down. One leaf, one small green leaf which, for that tiny little cub, provided a spark of comfort and perhaps a fleeting memory of the forest he used to know.

This is just part of the life of our two new rescued bears - Bradley (previously nicknamed Sean) and Cintron (previously Milo) - as they build their bodies and confidence each day at our sanctuary in Vietnam. Our team knows that they cannot possibly compensate for the mother that was likely killed in front the babies she was fiercely protecting, but seeing them all tenderly looking after these fragile and very precious moon bears, it's clear that they really are the next best thing. Carefully measuring and warming the milk formula, chopping cub-sized banana pieces, feeding late into the night and first thing in the morning, and watching over these babies as tenderly and protectively as any mother could. 

Soon, just like Olly, Mausi and Mara, Maggie, Angus and Taurus, and all the other cubs raised over the years by a capable, compassionate team, Bradley and Cintron will be all grown up and giving the adult bears now out in the enclosures a run for their money.

Bradley (pictured enjoying a rest in his hammock) is, of course, named after our Board Member and my dear friend, Bradley Caine, who passed away a few weeks ago - and, just like his namesake, he is mischievous, fun-loving and soft as they come. Brad would be chuffed to bits that a little delinquent bear carrying his name was running riot at the sanctuary and running rings around our staff - and this blog is dedicated to his family - Lou, Charlie and Reg - and all those in Hong Kong, UK, Singapore and across the world who were so proud to call him their friend.

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