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Cub fun

As Milo and Sean begin their long journey to recovery — gradually trusting people, gaining the size and confidence to finally meet up with other bears when they’re older, I wish we could reassure them that it’ll all be ok.

And, as if any proof were needed, three of our older cubs were recently integrated following time, patience and big doses of tender loving care. Bear Manager Falk sent the most beautiful pics and film clips of Han Chau, Bill and Ben after he and our bear team integrated these little delinquents together.

The pictures and video speak for themselves in terms of just how successful the integration was. Wrestling like long-lost friends, playing as hard and fast as it comes, this trio of trouble obviously loved each others’ company from the start.

Poor Falk must have exhausted himself trying to film their ridiculous antics as they hurtled between dens and jumped joyously from platforms, and into beds, throwing caution to the wind as they wrestled like mini sumos.

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