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What an exceptionally nice guy Morgan is. And incredibly brave too. Embarking on a solo motorbike journey of 20,000km in 115 days, visiting 10 countries, in a fundraiser which will help 10 charities - including us. 

Morgan is biking from Hong Kong to Brisbane and taking in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor along the way before and finally arriving in Australia.

Meeting him on site at our bear rescue centre in Tam Dao, near Hanoi, Vietnam, last week I was struck by how larger than life he really is. It's not really his height - although at 6 feet 6 inches tall in his socks, he certainly towers above most - but his passion for the environment shines and, as he spoke, one realised just how much he was re-evaluating his life to help.

An Australian real estate investment banker, Morgan now wants to give back to the environment - and, through this unique fundraiser, is eager to persuade his peers to do the same.

It was a pleasure for Tuan and I to show him and his super nice crew around the centre and to have him meet bears that just a couple of years ago were rotting away in their cages on the farms. Morgan was dismayed to hear the stories of how bears like Vandrew (our Vietnamese Andrew look-alike) had overcome the disability of losing a limb in a leg-hold trap, and to see the cubs of three years ago all grown up and creating havoc in the sun. 

Then it was off to see Moggy (another three-legged bear) on the surgery table as she underwent a routine health-check performed by Vet Kirsty and Vet Nurse Rae. Happily, she was given a clean bill of health.

Out on the road back to Hanoi, Morgan turned heads as his huge bike dwarfed those taking people to and from work. School girls stopped their bicycles and giggled as he gave them a friendly wave - and the traffic almost stopped when he stretched his tired limbs by standing upright on the bike for a mile or so along the way.

Later we took him to a bear farm - and the difference of course was profound. Morgan had tears in his eyes as he fed one miserable, starving, bear apples on the end of a stick - and saw the wounds and psychological stress of some 30 bears there still clearly (and illegally) milked of their bile. With the help of Morgan, and supporters across the world, hopefully this and other farms will eventually close - and we will never give up until that day arrives.

With grateful thanks to Morgan and the Wheel2Wheel team, which is helping to fund our new Education Centre, where visitors will learn the truth behind bear farming Asia wide, and another small step will be made to end it.

God speed Morgan - bear hugs from the Animal Asia family, and see you back in Hong Kong in June. 

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