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To Zhai's progress

Several people have asked about gorgeous rescued market dog, To Zhai, and I'm very happy to report that she is doing stormingly well! The effects of her distemper have disappeared and she now only has another month of quarantine before she is "safe" to be released into the sanctuary proper, along with our other resident dogs. 

Monica (right) and I will be "sharing" her on site in Chengdu – with Monica taking care of her while I'm away, and Wendy (middle) will kindly help on the occasion when Monica and I are both away at the same time. We can't wait to have her indoors with us – and to say a final goodbye to the constant changing in and out of quarantine clothes! 

To Zhai has at last begun to behave like a "proper" dog. Literally learning how to play, and happily socialising with visitors who pop in to see her. She absolutely loves all the attention and continues to "smile" – showing off a silly wrinkled nose and toothy grin.

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