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Welcome our new cublet in Tam Dao!

With certainly the record for the longest nickname ever given to a newly rescued bear, please welcome "Han Chau - a Cold Lai Chau" to the Animals Asia family in Vietnam.

Our Vietnam Director Tuan has just sent news of the gripping story, which saw a female moon bear cub rescued in Lau Chau Province, north west of Hanoi, bordering China, after a journey each way of 12 hours. Together with The (External Affairs) and Phu (Team Leader Bear Workers), Tuan picked up the terrified cub, estimated to weigh between 14-16kgs, after the Lai Chau Police confiscated her from a wildlife holding facility. 

The cub had already had quite a journey in her young life. She was thought to come from Dien Bien Province - and possibly originally Laos - being smuggled on to Son La and then Hanoi. The owner apparently jumped down a steep ravine to escape the police, who later thought he had died, but it seems he is still alive, having escaped into the forest. 

Our cub is angry, feisty, and with a broken tooth after attacking her cage, but doing ok. Please read more about this lucky lucky cub's rescue here:

The text and the pictures say it all - professionals at work ..... and we'll be bringing more news once Kirsty and our vet and bear team have had a chance to assess her general condition. Really proud of you Tuan, Phu, The and team Vietnam - and welcome home little "Han Chau - a cold Lai Chau". 

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