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New Year's blessings from Bodo and team!

My family Christmas tradition is to receive and enjoy a wonderful hamper from a friend in Hong Kong, which is always opened in the UK by my niece Nicole (seen here sitting inside the empty hamper with Jasper the cat).

Once the goodies inside have been shared between us, I then bring the empty hamper back to Chengdu to be filled with goodies for the bears for their New Year treat. Last year, we placed the hamper in the enclosure of House 2 where Jasper beat all the other bears and had a feast. This year, Vet/Bear Team Manager Nic decided that she’d like to lay it out in House 6 so that a very special bear called Bodo could have a chance of enjoying it along with his friends. 

Her secret mission went to plan. As soon as the doors opened, the bears rushed out and Bronwyn (left) and Bodo were the first to reach the hamper, sniffing curiously at the contents wrapped in straw inside which had been carefully arranged by Team Leader Yang Li and her team. 

Thanks to Dalma and James who took the pics, here you can enjoy what happened next as gorgeous three-legged Bodo took no chances on who was going to take the prize. Seizing the hamper in his mouth, he lumbered back to the quiet of his den to investigate — and scoff — the contents in his very own private New Year’s Eve party. 

May 2011 be a year of sweet surprises for you all as we work together to bring freedom and cheer for more farmed bears in China and Vietnam. With our love and thanks to you, our friends and supporters across the globe for all you have done and continue to do — bringing bear farming to its rightful end. Happy New Year!!!

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