Joining hands for our best friends

We recently had an amazing couple of days with officials from 27 provinces across China joining local and international NGOs in a conference organised, funded and hosted by Animals Asia and Humane Society International in Nanjing.

Dave, Irene, Suki and our teams in Guangzhou and Chengdu did a truly fabulous job in coordinating the logistics that saw nearly 200 delegates discussing stray-dog control, shelter management and responsible dog ownership amongst other issues, and sharing problems and solutions throughout the course of a packed and intensive two full days.

One of the highlights was listening to the presentation by Mr Yin of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau (the police) who spoke about their close relationship with Ms Ha Wenjing and the Ping An A Fu Animal Rescue Centre, which has been nurtured over the past five years.

This relationship has developed a multitude of plans and protocols to help as many dogs as possible during the course of their work. This is a shining example of how government and non-government groups can engage with each other and the community with proper welfare being directed to the dogs that so desperately need compassion and help, rather than the reactive and cruel methods of “control” of the past.

Read our full report on the conference and see how humane solutions are finally winning through.

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