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Jane Goodall creating reason for hope

The silence following Dr Jane Goodall’s speech was deafening – and then came the rapturous applause. Her words were greeted with warmth and passion by the audience who were in Hong Kong for Jane’s Roots and Shoots conference and who themselves, as per the title of the conference, were the Reason for Hope.

An audience of students 700 strong hung on to her every word and left, tenacious, resolved and determined to heal this suffering, suffocating world.

I spoke just before Jane and was able to tell the audience about Jane's very own bear, whom she named "Mandela"

Two days later, after an exhausting round of more talks and interviews, Jane was back on stage – this time at the Roots and Shoots gala dinner at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong where, once again, she inspired tears and laughter and the largest dose of optimism for the safety of the planet – which is in our hands. 

Thank you Jane, for your wisdom and compassion – and for the road you travel which must leave you hungry for your family of chimps, dogs and humans, but which inspires a whole world of change.

Our love to you.........

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