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Dyeing dogs ..... to death

I looked with disbelief at a story that has recently appeared in the media here in China - dogs being dyed to resemble wild and exotic animals.

This is a trend that could prove deadly if inappropriate dyes are used - and stories abound of puppies, especially, losing their lives in agony in China at the hands of traders who dye them with toxic colours to make them look "cute". Many of the dyes on the market are poisonous to animals and see them dying in agony a few days later as the toxins enter their system and slowly and painfully poison them.

Please, please anyone reading this - don't be tempted to dye your dogs. Apart from the stress caused to the dogs during the process, and the terrible indignity of trying to change an animal so beautiful in its own right, you could be risking the life of your pet.

See the story here.

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