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Thank you Australia and New Zealand

The Roadshow this year was all about returning to see old friends and meeting new supporters and couldn't have been more warm and embracing throughout. 

Animals Asia Australia team – Anne, Jude, Kerri and Tim – plus our fabulous volunteers in each state had, of course, worked themselves into the ground in the weeks and months beforehand, as the preparation and attention to detail saw every event professionally organised and well run. No words for how hard everyone had slogged to make sure that the bears, dogs and cats of Asia had the best possible platform, showing just how far our campaigns had progressed since our previous visit over two years ago.

Our wonderful “Animal Asia Ambassadors”, Dr Katrina Warren and chef Simon Bryant, showed up to lend their support, as ever, to our Australian team.

There are far, far too many others to mention in this blog but mention them we must! So Anne, ably assisted by Jude and Tim, has put together an overview of all the events, with our grateful thanks to all concerned. 

Each and every person has been the backbone of our work and we never forget that we can only continue because of such phenomenal support from friends like you in Australia, New Zealand and across the world. 

Thank you – not only for your welcome and warmth, but for believing in the journey and progress of our work in Asia, and acknowledging the significant change over the past few years as empowerment and passion grows. The emerging welfare groups you help across the Asia continent grow stronger each day and, together with the "smiles" of the victims and survivors you've helped along the way, show that the animal revolution in Asia has taken its long awaited place on the world stage at last.

Kudos to you, our friends in Australia and New Zealand for having the foresight, vision and compassion to help animals so many thousands of miles away - where would they be without you?

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