Ping Guo survives marathon surgery

This was a message I recently sent to guests who’d been on site and watched Ping Guo (meaning "Apple") having her gall bladder removed on the surgery table during the morning. Twelve hours later she was still there. I hope the bear farming industry is proud. This poor bear will also have to return to the surgery soon to have shattered canine teeth removed. 

"Just thought you'd all be interested to know that it's nearly 9pm and Ping Guo is still on the table having taken the record for the bear with the longest surgery yet – almost 12 hours to the minute. Her abdomen was a disgrace with the most hideous and scarred gall bladder we've ever seen. As you saw, the outside of the abdomen was not too bad, but disguised a mass of problems within. Nestled obscenely inside was a gall stone the size of a potato measuring 8.5cm by 4cm. Hats off to our amazing vet team who are closing her up now." 

Despite the length and intensity of her surgery, Ping Guo sailed through and is recovering well – and we have another piece of evidence to send the Chinese government reflecting the reality of the bear farming industry today. 

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