Dental surgery for obese Nicole

Nearly five months after her rescue in Vietnam, Nicole's vast bottom seems to take centre stage on the operating table this week. Lying here having a dental from vet Kirsty and vet nurse Caroline, it seems hard to believe that she's already lost a whopping great 30 kilograms since arriving with us on January 21st. 

“Morbidly obese” is not a term normally reserved for rescued caged bears but Nicole was certainly a dumpling having obviously been given the most inappropriate food during her years on the farm. And, despite being on a diet ever since, it has to be said that she remains impressively voluminous and, according to Caroline, a bear who absolutely loves her grub.

What is in fact most impressive is that she has eaten past the pain of badly shattered canine teeth, which is why she is lying in surgery today and having all four expertly removed. 

Once this is complete, she will then be prepared for the removal of her gall bladder which Kirsty says has walls looking abnormally thickened on ultrasound, indicating likely pathology due to chronic inflammation and irritation from the rather nasty effects of having her bile milked on the farm. 

But today, her dental has gone well and with Caroline standing by with blended fruits and delicious low-fat medicated treats to quell the pain, Nicole is certainly in good and caring hands.

Here is Caroline stealing a crafty hug, while Vet Kirsty removes Nicole's teeth and Vietnam Director Tuan clips her claws:

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