Hope of Freedom

There wouldn’t be too many times that an elephant and a bear come into close proximity, but it’s happened in the UK, with Animals Asia benefiting very well indeed from this unique partnership. 

All explained by Nicky in our UK office as I turn the blog over to her – but not before saying a big thank you to the Elephant Family for starting the whole concept, and to talented sculptor and long-time supporter Suzie Marsh for her beautiful creation of a moon bear now riding high in a creation called Hope of Freedom. Here’s a super pic of this piece of art being given the once over by members of UK police force!

Over to Nicky:
Animals Asia is delighted to have been invited by Elephant Family (a charity dedicated to the conservation of Asian elephants) to take part in Elephant Parade London, billed as the capital’s largest public art exhibition from May-June. 

With over 250 life-sized fibreglass baby elephants, individually designed and painted by some of the country’s best-known artists and celebrities, the Parade raises awareness and funds for the highly endangered Asian elephant. 

As one of 20 conservation partners, all of whom have interests in the conservation of Asian species, Animals Asia is supporting the parade by adopting our very own elephant to take part. Generously sponsored by Direct Hygiene Ltd, the Animals Asia elephant is called “Hope of Freedom” and features a stunning sculpture of a moon bear riding an Asian elephant. 

The bear was created by internationally renowned sculptor Suzie Marsh, who has been very generous in her support of Animals Asia for many years. The elephant blanket was designed by pupils from Hall Grove School in Surrey.

By taking part in the parade, Animals Asia hopes to increase awareness of the plight of Asia’s endangered bears, trapped on bile farms. The two species face many of the same threats, such as lack of habitat and the trade in their body parts for traditional Chinese medicine.

We hope many of our supporters, their friends and families will come out to support this initiative. Hope of Freedom can be found with all the other conservation charity elephants in Green Park until 23rd June. 
At that time, the elephants will be removed from the streets of London to be reassembled in a huge herd which can be viewed at the Royal Hospital Chelsea from 23 June to 2 July. Sixty elephants, including Hope of Freedom, will then be individually auctioned off by Sothebys on 3 July. 

Online bids are currently being taken for each elephant, including Hope of Freedom (elephant number 243). Please click here to see the works – and remember that 70 per cent of funds raised from the sale of Hope of Freedom will be used for our vital Moon Bear Rescue work, so please bid generously.

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