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The old boys on the block

There have been some lovely updates from the vet/bear team recently, since NIC had his remaining eye removed because he’d been going progressively blind. 

Far from feeling sorry for himself, this slightly stiff and elderly, but very fun-loving, bear hasn’t given his so-called disability a second thought and can be seen romping with best friend Jurgen out in the spring sunshine. 

NIC and Jurgen have been sharing a den in our newest bear house – for very special-care bears – and Jurgen clearly missed his friend when he was checked into hospital for a few days. After NIC returned, the vet and bear reports were just lovely to read when they described Jurgen gently coaxing his best friend out onto the grass, assuring him (in bear language, of course), that everything was ok. 

Luckily, vet nurse Wendy was on hand to record these touching scenes – and sent an email to the team describing “two old duffers” enjoying their day in the sun.






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