Inspiring us with words and love

Love and thanks from the heart from the bears, dogs, cats and people who have had the utmost privilege to know and work with Annie Ditton, our amazing volunteer who gave up six months of her life to live and work on site with us in Chengdu.

Annie (who named Mani bear and so generously makes and buys the bears gifts), penned this most beautiful poem after watching Prince and Harvey playing in the enclosure in front of her room.

You're a honey Annie and we'll miss you. 


The Waltz of the Bears

My friend, come here.
I want to dance with you.
Let us dance away the pain –
dance away the ache of hunger, thirst and loneliness.
Let me wrap my arms around you –
not iron bars.
Let us stand and stretch and dance
– because now we can.

– A.E.Ditton, March 2010
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