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Vietnam rescue: Mission accomplished!

Just back from Vietnam where, as ever, I've been so overwhelmingly impressed with the sheer tenacity and professionalism of our entire team. 

Led by our fearless leader in Vietnam, Tuan Bendixsen, everyone, but everyone, kicked in to make sure that the bears were safely delivered to our sanctuary, then prioritised for health-checks, before being settled into roomy recovery cages. Here's Tuan, far left, with some of the team and below, our head vet, Heather.

Now waiting for the final hurdle of surgeries before being released into dens and grassy enclosures, our new family members are eagerly scoffing good food and treats never before enjoyed.

Working over the weekend, our teams in Hong Kong and country offices made sure that the updates were sent out quickly to the media and supporters across the world - keeping everyone informed. 

The highs have included bears whose characters are quickly shining through their trauma. Bears that like to make "pillows" of their straw. Others who have only been used to watery rice gruel, yet spitting out pieces of watermelon with all the distaste of a 5 star Michelin chef. 

Bears like Simon (yes, named after Simon Cowell) who make us smile with a character that seems he is used to getting his own way, but a teddy bear underneath, and Nicole who, bless her lovely big heart, is the the pudgiest female we've ever seen in the history of rescuing bears.

The lows are coming in thick and fast too - poor Noodle who has a terrible injury on his tongue, John who's blind and missing a limb, and of course our beautiful Raspberry who was euthanised on the surgery table on Sunday after we found the most hideous infection ravaging his poor battered body.

Thanks to YOU for your messages of support and encouragement as the rescue goes on. You are everything to these bears as they prepare for the weeks of surgery and recovery ahead.

See here to read about these brave souls and celebrate their new lives, because you cared. 

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