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A special new home for our special bears

Our Chengdu sanctuary has seen an exciting new structural addition this week – our Special-Care Area for bears who require some extra help and care as they struggle with the physical legacy of their previous lives on the farm. 

Crystal, Jurgen, NIC, Asia, Kroenchen and Bamse have all been moved from their current bear houses into their “retirement home”, which will see them enjoying an environment catering to their special needs as they enter their twilight years. 

The new area, comprising two enclosures back to back – River House and Bamboo House – was very kindly donated by Henry Wong and his daughter Kitty Wong of Hong Kong. 

Here’s a pic of gorgeous Kroenchen enjoying a specially designed low-to-the-ground hammock.

Please see here for Bear Manager Anna’s report on the new area and some photos and updates about out lovely special care bears from Veterinary Director Heather, Senior Bear Manager Nic and myself.

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