Recycling Chengdu-style

What do you do with the hamper itself if you're lucky enough to get a basket full of goodies on Christmas Day? Put it in the loft, offer it to niece Nicole for her toys, or............. fill it with food suiting a bear's taste and give it to the residents of our sanctuary in Chengdu?

The pictures speak for themselves about this novel piece of enrichment, which came all the way back from my quick trip to the UK and ended up in the enclosure of House 2.

I'd jokingly asked Senior Bear Manager Nic if Jasper could have it first and, as we stood on the viewing deck of the House and watched when the den doors opened, who out of 21 bears strolled casually over to gain possession? Of course the man himself.

Sadly for Jasper, he didn't monopolise it for long. Within minutes, elderly Woodley had tottered over to join in the fun, pulling it sneakily from under Jasper's nose and, together with Roberta, enjoyed a gift that doubled in appreciation, with the contents devoured and the hamper destroyed.

Happy New Year to one and all from bearland! 

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