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Thank you America!

It seems hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I joined Alice, Morgan and Laura in the USA for our 2009 Roadshow. A whirlwind of time and emotions as we joined friends across the country, who put heart and soul into helping the animals of Asia by organising such innovative and amazing events. 

Our US Director, Alice Ng, has written a beautiful overview of our time and I can only add these words of thanks and gratitude to the organisers, volunteers, long-standing supporters, new friends and, of course, to Alice, Morgan and Laura, who ran themselves ragged keeping everything on track. 

An unforgettable time – with tears and smiles, and nothing but praise and admiration for everyone who both organised and took part in each and every event. I loved every second – and have returned to Asia with a renewed sense of relief that the bears, dogs and cats can benefit even more in the months ahead because so many people in the US care.

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