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China dogs have their day!

Our education, Dr Dog and Professor Paws teams in Chengdu and Guangzhou have been super busy over the past few weeks – running themselves ragged helping dogs and cats in China. Irene sent a fabulous update and pictures from Guangzhou in southern China recently showing our community education event with Guangzhou Police and a local animal welfare group, "Private Home of Pets".

The event turned out to be so successful that the police have requested more such visits in the public areas of Guangzhou.

Irene (third from left at back) and team then went on to arrange two Dr Dog “get-togethers” in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where 66 Dr Dog volunteers, their families and dogs joined in a celebration of the bond we have with companion animals. Awards were handed out to volunteers who had worked the hardest, with over 20 visits in a year, plus a special award to a senior citizen Dr Dog.

Meanwhile, our equally amazing Education team in Chengdu is determined to help dogs and cats even more this year – particularly during the cold winter months when their meat is said to warm the body and act as a tonic. Our new Chinese poster makes the point by emphasising that no research exists proving that dog and cat meat is especially nutritious – and that much of the meat comes from pets that are stolen. 

The poster is especially appealing to pet owners – asking them to take extra care of their beloved dogs and cats and to protect them from being poisoned and stolen from outside of their homes.

One step at a time – one day when dog and cat eating has come to an end it will be time to address other animals suffering equally in intensive farming practices.

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