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David and Lamma's days in the sun

Despite their terrible pasts, our rescued bears are generally just so good at leaving the bad times behind. One of the things I love about them is, simply, that they make you smile.

David and Lamma are a case in point – two gorgeous little sun bears belonging to what is often known as a feisty species – and quite challenging to manage. But no, these two bears are trouble-free.

When I was with them recently, I beamed from ear to ear, as they embraced everything about their new lives, tumbling around and exhausting each other with play. Belinda our Senior Bear Manager also captured a gorgeous moment they had a few days before and no words are necessary as she had been lucky enough to have her camera with her at the time.

So, just for you, here’s David (left) and Lamma enjoying one of those perfect moments of bliss:

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