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Swine flu a wake-up call

At 3am on Wednesday, Heather our Senior Vet and Tina our translator came knocking at my door accompanied by two gowned and masked officials from China's health bureau.

It seems that the person behind me on the flight into Chengdu earlier that day had tested positive for swine flu, necessitating a seven-day quarantine of all passengers in seats nearby.

I have nothing but praise for those handling the situation - kind health officials come twice a day to check my temperature and ask questions. It's clear that China is doing everything possible to prevent an outbreak of disease.

What is ironic to me at this present time is that still the hell-hole bear farms and dog and cat markets are allowed to continue - with animals suffering and dying of disease in their millions.

Let's hope that this is a wake-up call for the authorities, that they take a long, hard look at the animals so sick and diseased and so desperate for our help.

Below, Rainbow keeps me informed about what's happening around the rescue centre. After fours days' isolation and no sign of flu, I'm now able to walk around the sanctuary.

See our press release here.

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