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Chiu, our unsung hero

Our staff around the world are nothing short of incredible, tirelessly working behind the scenes and injecting professionalism and integrity into the heart of our campaigns.

Sometimes they even inject humour – and this is where Chiu our Art Director shines. Whether it’s the signage at our sanctuary or creating imaginative cartoons of bears, dogs and cats, Chiu can be seen quietly and creatively sketching the images that connect people in a different and inspiring way to the animal world.

Here’s Chiu taking a minute away from drawing, to saying hello to Jasper and the bears in House 2, and below, his fabulous signage that hangs outside every enclosure whenever the bears are out having fun.

Chiu’s visit was over too quickly, but before he returned to Hong Kong he had the chance to enjoy the wonderful vegetarian food prepared by our cooks for our special vegetarian Friday in Chengdu.

Again, it was Chiu who created the fantastic posters advertising why vegetarian food is so good for the animals, for us, and the earth.

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