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Goodbye Mafi

Why does it always happen like this? Just when we celebrate the life of a bear (Jasper’s this week), we lose the life of one we hold so dear. Mafi's behaviour was typical for this time of year – a semi-dormancy, which sees the bears eating less and sleeping more.

The only indication that something could be wrong was when Bear Manager Donata weighed her and saw she had lost 27kgs. Her coat was glossy – shining with health – and her demeanour was good. But Vet Heather decided to take no chances and Thursday morning saw Mafi’s health-check – just in case.

As soon as we turned her over on the surgery table, there was the mass in her abdomen we didn’t want to see. A liver cancer that had been growing undetected and would eventually end her life.

Angela, our Media Manager who sponsored and named Mafi is, of course, devastated and now I’m passing my blog over to her and Donata to write a few words about this truly beautiful bear.

RIP Mafi, from your family who adored you.

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